Dear Parents/Guardians,
To welcome New Starters to the school, School Uniform Direct will be holding a special Uniform Day. It is important that you try to attend if you can, as it will give you the opportunity to:

  • Try on the correct size uniform
  • Order special order sizes should you require them
  • Save up to 15% off with uniform packs (including special promotions and discounts on shoes & accessories)



Saturday 9th July 2016 : 11am-4pm

To book your appointment, please click here and register for your school & day.


Please bring only the children necessary for the measuring or attending the school. There will be very limited changing facilities, so it is advised that students wear a light t-shirt and shorts or leggings under their regular clothes – so they can try items on for sizing.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if we can’t make it?
a) If you can’t make it at the above times, you can still purchase all the uniform online at, and you can also use the sizing set available in school before placing your order online.
When is the latest we can purchase the uniform?
a) We will be holding stock, but this will be limited – we recommend completing your order no later than 31st July.
I do not have the money available on the times of the Uniform Days, what can I do?
a) You can still come and be measured; we will give you a record of the sizes tried on and you can order later online. Unfortunately the special offers and packs are only available for payment on the day.
Will you be accepting credit/debit cards? We will NOT be accepting cheques.
a) Yes, however we will be using an online based secure system (Paypoint). It is a manual system and will take slightly longer than conventional credit card machines, so we do recommend bringing cash where possible.
How long will it take?
a) We estimate each child will take an average of 15-30mins to be measured, however there will be a short wait before and after, so please allow for up to 1 hour for your entire time including waiting, measuring and paying.
Do I have to wait/queue?
a) Yes, due to the number of pupils attending and limited amount of space and time.
Will you have changing facilities?
a) There will be very limited changing facilities at the site, we recommend that children wear a light t-shirt and shorts under their regular clothes; this will give them the opportunity to try anything on above these items.
When will it be delivered and what if it doesn’t fit?
a) Delivery is planned for early August, we will keep you updated on the progress of the order via e-mail. You will have the opportunity to exchange items with free returns!
What is the cost of delivery?
a) Delivery will be sent by recorded courier, with a one hour delivery slot, this has been subsidised for Waverley Studio College parents to £4.99 on all orders. Please note all returns/exchanges will be free of charge.