Sports Relief is a charity that helps people both in the UK and abroad providing funding to help people have a better life. Students and teachers decided to get involved and raise money for this great charity.

Our sixth form students baked a variety of treats for students to buy during break and lunch time raising a large amount of money and students also donated so that they could wear trainers to school for the day.

The staff also got involved in the fun wearing red for the day and also taking part in event like sponge the teacher. Over the week leading up to Sports Relief the students and teachers got to vote which members of staff would be sponged, this was the chance for students to get revenge for all the detentions they had been given. Surprisingly it was the students doing all the voting it was the staff voting for other people so that they wouldn’t get sponged, you’d be surprised at the amount of money raised just for that.

 A great day was had by all and we managed to raise £525.