At Waverley Studio College we ensure that every student can fulfill their potential. At Key Stage 4, this is done by ensuring that they have the qualification they need to find work or progress to further learning. To help students fulfill their potential, we have developed a new suite of GCSEs for Science that puts good science at the heart of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Medical) course will be delivered over two years and is equivalent to three (3) A-levels. As part of the programme of study, English and Math’s will be embedded within sessions and as discrete classes.  There are also enrichment opportunities, career guidance, Enterprise Week and work experience opportunities to help students develop a wide range of both academic and vocationally relevant skills over the two years in order to allow them to effectively prepare to achieve their chosen career goal.

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The aim of the course is to enable learners to use a range of practical techniques used in Science such as the analysis of  chemical and Biological substances, the separation of substances and the use of instruments/sensors, a  variety of techniques used to  focus on different areas of study, eg Forensic Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics and Environmental Science.

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 Learners are developing good knowledge and skills of key microbiological concepts and techniques that underpin vocational applications, including pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, food production, environmental health and forensic science.  Learners can identify all characteristic features of cells and they practise aseptic techniques to culture and determine the factors that influence the growth of micro-organisms.