Our Curriculum

At Key Stage 4 every student will study a minimum of 9 qualifications to include GCSE and Vocational subjects:

  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE Chemistry
  • GCSE Physics
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • BTEC Business/Enterprise
  • ICT (CIDA, for Year 10 from September 2017 or TLM for current Year 11)
  • Pupils can select an option subject from: GCSE Religious Studies/BTEC Health & Social Care/GCSE Art/ BTEC Creative Digital Media

Additional offer:

  • Enrichment (This may include First Aid, Photography, Crafts, Debating, Student Leadership and Football coaching)
  • Citizenship/PHSE is delivered though our form times and Diversity Days
  • CORE PE is compulsory for all pupils and is non-qualification based.


Our Approach to learning

We have a unique approach to education which gives students the opportunity to excel based on their real interests, passions and goals. Our students experience an exciting and vibrant learning environment that encourages and develops independent thought, self-discipline, motivation and confidence.

The whole experience at Waverley Studio College is about getting young people to exceed their potential so that whether they go straight into work, further education or university, they will have the right knowledge, skills and experience to succeed.

Creating Futures

All students at KS4 take part in a 1-week work placement. At KS5, all students complete a 1 day a week work placement throughout the year.

All students will take part in a 12 hour work placement within their chosen employment sector. At KS5 these work experience placements are blocked in six-hour sessions, however, the positioning of these blocks may vary to reflect employer demand. As the majority of placements are in health and social care, evening and weekend shifts may be an employer expectation.

Personal Coaching

At Waverley Studio College all students receive one to one coaching. Our coaches work with students to support them in reaching their potential and overcoming barriers to learning.

Personal Coaching is most powerful and has benefitted our students in a number of ways:

  • Increased motivation
  • Empowered individuals
  • Developed self-confidence
  • Improves performance

The main focus for the personal coaching sessions is to show the students they all have the potential to succeed in anything they put their minds to and to give them the support and tools they need to achieve it

Our students speak very highly of our coaches and are finding the sessions very beneficial.

Nimra year 10 student “In my opinion my personal coach is really helpful and supportive and I find my coaching sessions really helpful”

Salma  6th form student “I feel that the coaching session is really beneficial and helpful. It gives me a chance to get some support with organising myself. I feel really comfortable talking to my personal coach not only about my work but also about anything else. I feel that I can trust my coach to help me achieve my goals”

Coach’s comment, “our students have a variety needs and through coaching, we are able to personalise the support and assist them in achieving their goals. It’s a fantastic feeling when students reach their goals and have grown in their confidence and feel empowered. You have then truly prepared them for the challenges in life.”

Feedback from our students

Aleena Jaffri Year 11

I chose this school because it was smaller and I felt I needed the attention, which I wouldn’t have got at my other school.  My other school was so big I never felt the teachers listened to me.  I am never afraid to ask for help.

I am treated like a young adult and not a child, as the teachers are more understanding.  They really appreciate the effort you put into your work.  The learning coaches have really helped as well.

I want a career in nursing and want to do my A levels.

Usaamah Adam Ali Year 11

This is a smaller school and there are less distractions.  I feel I can focus on my work and it really makes a difference. I enjoy PE, ICT and media.  My grades in ICT are improving.

I am looking for a career in motor mechanics or construction and I know I will get help from WSC in following my career.

Nahil Amer Year 10

This school is unique.  It is smaller so you get more attention and that is what made me choose WSC.  There is a different way of teaching here which I didn’t have at my other school. I enjoy Art, English and Maths.  I really enjoy the creative writing and I am encouraged to do more creative work in Art.

I would like to carry on a do A levels in my favourite subjects.

The teachers are more like friends, so you want to do your work here.

Abaid Ahmed

When I was choosing this school I read the leaflet that gave me 12 reasons to come to WSC.  I felt those were the reasons for applying for a place here. The teaching is better than my other school.

I really enjoy PE, Maths and RE.  The teaching is different so it is more enjoyable.  I like my Maths teacher.  He makes the lesson fun, so my grades are better.

At my other school, I hardly got to see my learning coach.  Learning Coaches are very understanding and speak to you on your level so you want to try harder.

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