Welcome to Waverley Studio College

Waverley Studio College was founded in 2013. The Studio College will move to purpose-built premises in early 2016 and will provide excellent opportunities to student’s aged 14 – 19.

Waverley Studio College a brand new type of 14-19 Academy that prepares students for careers in Health & Social Care, Enterprise and Creative Technology. We welcome applications from all students who are keen to explore different learning opportunities and who enjoy working in applied, vocational settings.

Learning will take place on the school site and in the workplace with employers who are keen to support your aspirations. As a student at Waverley Studio College, you will be assigned a Learning Coach who will support you throughout your time with us to make sure you are meeting your goals and targets, maximising opportunities to make sure you take the next successful step to your future career. We will provide you with industry experience, creative learning environments and the framework which will make sure you succeed. Join us for an exciting start to your future career, highlighting new directions, developing humanity and acquiring knowledge.

Our Specialisms

  • Health and Well Being
  • Creative Technology
  • Enterprise

The CREATE Framework

Our students develop key employability skills through the unique CREATE skills framework.

Young people at studio schools will acquire six key skills that will help them to thrive in a working environment. These skills are derived from research carried out by the CBI. The skills form a framework – CREATE – which stands for:

• Communication
• Relating to people
• Enterprise
• Applying knowledge
• Thinking
• Emotional intelligence

Young people who graduate from Waverley Studio College will be highly skilled in each of these key areas. Combine this with a range of appropriate qualifications and they will be ideally positioned to contribute to their employer organisations from day one.

Download further information about the Create framework

Our Approach to learning

We have a unique approach to education which gives students the opportunity to excel based on their real interests, passions and goals. Our students experience an exciting and vibrant learning environment that encourages and develops independent thought, self-discipline, motivation and confidence.

The whole experience at Waverley Studio College is about getting young people to exceed their potential so that whether they go straight into work, further education or university, they will have the right knowledge, skills and experience to succeed.

All students at KS4 take part in a 1-week work placement. At KS5, all students complete a 1 day a week work placement throughout the year.

All students will take part in a work placement within their chosen employment sector. At KS5 these work experience placements are blocked in six-hour sessions, however, the positioning of these blocks may vary to reflect employer demand. As the majority of placements are in health and social care, evening and weekend shifts may be an employer expectation.

Personal Coaching

At Waverley Studio College all students receive one to one coaching. Our coaches work with students to support them in reaching their potential and overcoming barriers to learning.

Personal Coaching is most powerful and has benefited our students in a number of ways:

  • Increased motivation
  • Empowered individuals
  • Developed self-confidence
  • Improves performance

The main focus for the personal coaching sessions is to show the students they all have the potential to succeed in anything they put their minds to and to give them the support and tools they need to achieve it.

Our Innovative Work Placement Programme

Connecting learning with employment

Our aim at Waverley Studio College is all about addressing the growing gap between the skills and knowledge that young people require succeeding in their careers, and those that the traditional education system provides. Part of this approach is about learning through real work experience and interaction with local employers.

Our motto at Waverley Studio College is unlocking talent, creating futures, changing lives.

The College environment helps our learners develop the skills required for a successful future. Our students understand what it is like to work in a professional environment, and our work placement programme is part of that process, equipping them for the world of work and ultimately raising the aspirations of our young people.

We encourage and support our learners to embrace work placements as a vital tool to accelerate their growth and help prepare them for working life after school. All students are entitled to work experience at both Key Stage 4 & 5.

Our approach embeds the CREATE framework and enabling our learners to take responsibility for their actions and learning.

Ofsted’s comments about work placements

“Students enjoy relevant work experience placements on a weekly basis, enabled through strong partnerships with some employers.” 

“The close links between the regular work experience that sixth-form students undertake and their vocational courses are key contributors to their good achievement.”

“The curricular specialisms at key stage 5, and their vocational focus, enable those students who wish to, to move on successfully to higher education or apprenticeship schemes.”