WSC set off marking the week under the theme: ‘Be an up stander and not a bystander.  Posters were put around the school the week before the even kicked off. This helped to set the scene nicely for what was in store for the students. The following was what took place:

  • Monday, the 10th of October, students were reminded during Form Time what to expect for the rest of the week
  • Tuesday, the 11th, Word for the Week and Literacy activities were deliberately designed on hate crime keywords
  • Wednesday, the 13th, students had an assembly on why hate crime and the need to abhor it in their school and their community.
  • Thursday, the 14th saw timetables collapsed and the day divided into 2 – morning and afternoon. Students worked in their Tutor groups where they participated in a number of workshops that sought to give them the necessary tools, understanding and skills to enable them to be true ‘up standers and not bystanders’.
  • In the afternoon, the students crowned the day by sharing in the assembly what they have learnt in their workshops. Each presenter demonstrated confidence and articulacy which were well noted by staff and teachers.
  • The final part of the afternoon culminated in fund raising activities where the students engaged in a number of activities such as jewellery making, 7-aside football, dance and computer programming.

A total of £104.54 was raised for the Hate Crime Awareness UK.