At Waverley Studio College in Mathematics we strive to cultivate love and understanding for Mathematics. To celebrate Mathematics the students worked in groups to prepare a short 10 minute revision session on a topic of their choice.

Here is an example of how our students in Year 10 incorporated a Disney theme into a Mathematics revision PowerPoint lesson.  The students really enjoyed the project and it was amazing to see how well each and every student contributed to making it a success.


Our Year 11 students have been preparing hard for their exams.  You will probably be aware of the heaps of exam papers that may have littered your homes recently.  I wish all students the best results and outcomes as we get ready for this final push to their future success.

Here is an example of revision posters that students have made and presented to help them remember topics.


Maths Watch (below) is a fantastic resource that all students are encouraged to use.  All students who have been using this video tool have made or exceeded their expected progress already in Mathematics.


Mathematics at Waverley Studio College is all about understanding why and how things relate to real life situations.  Well done to Sara Asim in Year 11 (below) for such a wonderful piece of homework on the real life application of simultaneous equations!


Wishing all our students the very best.  Let’s get those results to outstanding!