We believe that pupil’s behaviour is central to the learning process and is an intrinsic element of education. High-quality teaching and learning are a way of ensuring good behaviour in schools.

At Waverley Studio College we value good behaviour in the classroom and elsewhere to promote the school
as a learning community and to ensure that classrooms are safe and effective learning environments.
The highest regard is given to the quality of relationships between staff and pupils. At Waverley Studio
College we seek to develop independent and autonomous young people who are self-disciplined and
who are able to self – regulate and manage their behaviour. We aim for Waverley Studio pupils to take responsibility for their actions and for the school to be a physically and emotionally safe place for pupils
to develop.

  • Helping people learn – laying the foundations for later success and choices.
    · Creating opportunities for everyone – broadening and widening horizons.
    · Think differently, experiment, try new ideas, be creative and innovative.
    · Creating a stimulating, pleasant and collaborative learning environment.
    · Ensure that new technologies are embraced and used to enhance learning.
    · Keeping ahead of initiatives, making them work for us.
    · Making sacrifices – putting pupils first.
    · A commitment to creating the school as a focus of a learning community – school as a core.
    · Being able to leave Waverley and be successful anytime, anyplace, anywhere,
    · A commitment to learning through diversity.
    · To ensure that all pupils understand the importance of being healthy and are healthy.

Family Handbook 2015-16( PDF Doc)

Behaviour and Ethos Handbook (PDF Doc)